November FitSnack Review

Hey guys! So this is my first review on the November Fit Snack Box. I know it’s January already, but there were some troubles during customs and the package got sent back, and then they had to ship me a new one which took more time and then it finally arrived.

Name of Box: FitSnack
Ships to: Canada & US (extra shipping to Canada)
Currency: USD
Price: Monthly plan – $31.70USD (shipping included)
3 month plan – $17.90USD/month + $12 S/H
6 month plan – $16.90USD/month + $12 S/H + 1 bonus items
12 month plan – $14.90USD/month + $12 S/H +3 bonus items

TIP: I purchased a 3 month subscription through Groupon. It was much cheaper even with the exchange rate from CAD to USD. But if you are from the states then it’s definitely a great deal! SO check out Groupon to see if it’s still available.

Below is a photo of what is included in November’s FitSnack box:

As well as a card with a list and brief description of all products.

Purely Inspired Powdered Peanut Butter
I’ve honestly never tried powdered peanut butter before, but I have seen it in almost every grocery store and supplement store etc. These are great when making protein shakes, smoothies, cooking etc. It has 6g of protein per serving (may not be a lot but its better than no protein) and claims to have 90% less fat than a standard brand of peanut butter. OH, and there are only 3 ingredients: Roasted peanuts, cane sugar, and salt!

Rating: 8/10

Click here for more information on this product

Kracklin Kamut
For those of you wondering what exactly ‘Kamut’ is, it’s basically a wheat that has been grown for centuries and organically grown. At first I was kind of skeptical to try it cause I have never heard of it before, but it was actually to my surprise really good. It tasted similar to Cornick but 10x more healthier. Note: These are sample sizes and the retail sizes are much bigger.

Rating: 8/10

Click here for more information on this product

Pasta Chips
I have also tried one of their other flavours Spicy Tomato Basil, which honestly wasn’t spicy at all. The flavour actually made me want to eat more! This one in particular had a strong Alfredo taste. It was a little bitter when you first bite into it, but after the bitterness dies down a little and has just the right amount of Alfredo taste. Overall I would have to say that it was pretty tasty.

Rating: 8/10

Click here for more information on this product

Smarty Pants Vitamins
Who said vitamins can’t taste good? In fact these were really good! It’s packed with an abundance of nutrients and vitamins that are essential to our body, and plus its in a gummy form, need I say more?

Rating: 9/10

Click here for more information on this product

Raw Rev Bar
Unfortunately, I didn’t really like these ones. The name itself sounded really good, but when I first bit into it I wasn’t really fond of the taste. You can definitely taste the chocolate and coconut which were good but the texture was really hard. I do know that it’s a ‘raw every bar’ so it’s suppose to have that stiff texture, but I guess this bar in particular I just didn’t like. They do have other products (link below) and hopefully they send more different kinds in future Fitsnack boxes.

Rating: 5/10

Click here for more information on this product

Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar
I added one packet of this to one cup of earl grey tea and it actually got rid of that bitter taste you get when you accidently steep the tea bag for too long. You can also smell the aroma of coconut from the steam coming out of the cup and it smells amazing! I may be biased though because I love anything coconut from lotions to lip balm to body wash, but it did make my cup of tea much better!

Rating: 8/10

Click here for more information on this product

People’s Choice Jerky
This is my first time trying beef jerky from this company which is from downtown LA. I’m not that much of a beef jerky type of person but these were actually good. It tastes exactly like roast beef but without the gravy. It was chewy, the texture was just right, it’s gluten free, high in protein, and all natural!

Rating 8/10

Click here for more information on this product

High Brew Coffee
For those of you who know me well enough I’m not much of a coffee drinker. This drink had the right amount of coffee and you can taste the mocha and dark chocolate making a great combination. It has 8g of sugar and contains all natural caffeine. This is perfect if you need that extra ‘boost’ at work in the office to stay awake or to satisfy your caffeine intake for the day.

Rating: 8/10

Click here for more information on this product 

As for the Tickle Water & Choco Rite Protein Bar unfortunately were already opened when I opened the package. I believe it had something to do with customs since it was stuck there for so long :(.

PLEASE NOTE: All these products are from the United States and might not be available in Canada.

Overall: I was very happy with this box. It came with 8 different types of snacks, 4 were full size and 4 were samples sizes in which it came with more than one inside. I would rate this box an overall 8/10 because for the most part I liked 7 out of the 8 products, and would consider buying these products if I ever come across them.


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